Vern Johnson, Owner, Axiom Care, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Vern Johnson and Axiom Care:

    Our Agency started with a focus on the specific needs of individuals involved in the justice system, making Axiom Care one of the most trusted resources for this population. We offer substantial programming to individuals specifically designed to build personal accountability, manage emotions, find pro-social alternatives and increase a sense of community. Axiom Care has developed treatment services and partnerships to become one of the leaders in helping clients find freedom from the life of probation, parole, and community supervision.

    We strive to serve anyone needing assistance to overcome addiction. Axiom Care recognizes it is so much more than abstinence from drugs and alcohol; it’s defining a whole new way of living.To overcome addiction, we aim to treat the causes.

    We provide individuals with the tools and support needed to manage the stresses of everyday life, to live independently; and have connections to valuable resources and services.

    Axiom Care believes the relationship between clients and therapists is the most important element for success on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol dependency. We strive to treat all clients with respect and dignity, while providing a safe place to explore and develop personal accountability.

    Our clinical team utilizes the Stages of Change and understands that people can be at different levels of commitment to sobriety and still get the help they need.