Do We Need Another Calendar App? Smart Money Thinks So

    Calendar App

    Amie has secured $7 million in a seed round spearheaded by Spark Capital. Although the round closed far back in June 2022, Amie recently disclosed this information. Amie is working on an app that facilitates productivity and is centred ¬†around one’s calendar. This app will help its users maintain their schedule, coordinate with the team, and effectively manage tasks.

    The funding round was also backed by Guilermo Rauch, Creandum, Quick Coffee Ventures and Hanno Renner. There are hosts of Calendar startups offering the same service Amie offers such as Fantastical, Magical, Vimcal, Cron and Rise but the promise of a better user experience from Amie is what the startup is hoping to use to beat this competitors in the crowded calendar space.

    Amie balances your calendar with your todo. It is designed such that the unscheduled todos appears by the left column after your calendar.

    Tasks are dragged from the sidebar and attached to a certain date and time on the calendar. This arrangement allows users to see events and tasks that fall under a week’s view. The app sort of amplifies what is already a trend for most people who use their calendars as a todo app and reminder to organize their day to day activities. With Amie, users can enjoy this functions easily. The app offers what can be described as an opinionated take on the calender. It performs this effectively and as expected seeing as some of the alternative apps in its category are Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

    Amie is embedded with considerable social components. It has a multiplayer arrangement such that team members using Amie have their profile pictures popping up on the left side and one can confirm their availability by scrolling over their avatar. With this mechanism, you can confirm if one is available or busy at any point in time. Users can also link up to an upcoming video call with just a click and also send links to indicate multiple availabilities to allow for meetings to be booked.

    Amie has revealed plans to integrate the tools and apps people use daily to create a major productivity hub for users. It has already tested this with Spotify in an arrangement that allows users see what music their co-workers listen to. The company is not restricting its creativity however as it also has plans for more business oriented integrations. The likes of Typeform, GitHub, and Stripe can be integrated in a move that may position Amie to replace more tools.

    Trying out Amie requires signing up to a waitlist as the startup currently onboards new users weekly. The app will be launched publicly in 2023.

    Presently Amie has 11 employees on its roster and plans to grow the team to 20 workers. The startup also intends to unveil a revamped todo list at its next release.

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