Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Aims to Grow Its Footprint in the US

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Contro

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, a home protection business that works to prevent wild animal problems at residences, has become hugely popular in Canada. So popular in fact that the brand is now expanding their footprint franchising in the United States. The international company — which does not trap animals but focuses on humane hands on removal and keeping families together — has twelve franchise units and wants to expand to at least five more this year.

The humane removal brand, founded in 1989, has been franchising since 2013 and has seen incredible growth and interest in its concept. The company planted its roots in the U.S. with Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin territories, and business in both cities has been increasing— seeing 57% growth this year. All of the system’s franchisees reported growth of 27% on average this year.

“We are marketing incredibly well and can’t keep up with the business we have. Skedaddle is seeing record months and record years since COVID,” said CEO Bill Dowd.

There couldn’t be a better time to invest in Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control with no experience necessary and plentiful white space. The brand is targeting densely populated cities like Atlanta, Georgia; Tampa, St. Pete and Jacksonville, Florida;  Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; and Denver, Colorado.

Skedaddle offers many incentives for interested parties to become new franchise owners. Veterans receive a 10% discount for franchise fees and reduced fees for those who sign multi-unit deals. The franchise fee for one territory starts at $49,500, while two territories is $74,500, three is $99,500, four is $120,500 and a five-pack is $144,500.

“The time is now. We have incredible market availability that we know will go quickly. We just came out of record high unemployment and record high liquidity. The housing bubble won’t fall, and people are trying to protect their homes as much as they can. Business is not going away anytime soon,” said Dowd, who noted that the business model is “economic and trend resistant.”

The franchise offers multiple revenue streams through its four services: wildlife, pest control, attic insulation and professional Christmas decorating. This keeps franchisees busy and profitable year-round.

And another major benefit of being a Skedaddle franchise owner is that one does not need to be a wildlife expert or even deal with pests and critters. Much of what the brand does focuses on preventing future problems and protecting places preemptively: they animal-proof structures and offer a lifetime guarantee.

The franchise opportunity presented by Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers a low investment, quick ROI, and an extremely scalable model with minimal competition. The brand’s goal is to allow owners to build an empire while changing the in-home service industry, and they are excited to bring on more franchisees.

The company has partnered with Raintree franchise sales organization to use connections with brokers to “bring franchise prospects to us and allow us to start the discussions with good leads. We know we have a great brand with professional systems, cutting-edge technology and processes that allow franchisees to scale their business. Raintree will help us better spread that message across the franchising industry,” said founder, President and CEO Bill Dowd.

The initial investment to franchise with Skedaddle Wildlife Removal ranges from $89,100 – $232,600, including a $49,500 franchise fee. For more information, please visit