Ron Feldman, President, World Business Services, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Ron Feldman and World Business Services:

    Ron Feldman, founder and President of World Business Services, Inc. has been recognized by Who’s Who In Lodging and Who’s Who In California. He has taught Business Services Marketing at two Universities.

    Founder (not Flounder) Of World Business Services, Inc.(1994).Providing One-Of-A-Kind b2b General Ledger Cost Reduction Programs. Endorsed By The Largest Retail Technology Buying Consortium In The United States (don’t vomit). Prior Vocational Incarnations Include Taking Hospitality Industry Marketing Company From The Cradle To The Grave. Accomplished Technologist Involved In Internet Adventures Since 1984. Fluent In Ethical And Friendly Business Relationships.

    Owner Of Numerous Brandable Premium Domain Names, Including Always Open To Collaborating With Passionate Innovators Who Believe That The Internet Can Be More Than Search Engines And Social Media Portals.

    Specialties: Multi-Dimensional Thought Pollution. Identifying And Procurement Of Brandable Premium Domain Names To Partner/Develop/License Them Into Niche-Relevant Content Internet Portals. Creator Of New Media Content Medium. Former Adjunct University Professor Teaching Business Services Marketing At The Undergraduate And MBA Levels.

    World Business Services, Inc. has delivered millions of dollars in cost savings to businesses and organizations throughout the United States and Internationally without any direct capital expenditures since 1994. We have over forty (40) one-of-a-kind general ledger cost reduction programs that allow us to do business with any size company or organization of any size in any vocation in areas of expense such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Processing, Commercial Leasing and Shipping.

    To bring new ways for businesses and organizations to identify cost savings without any direct out-of-pocket expenditure or debt service financing.We welcome the opportunity of establishing relationships with professional business people and organizations who have well established networks that they believe have a need for our vendor services that we market. Additionally, we are always on the lookout to market new viable products and services to our existing client base.