Microsoft launches its latest streaming technology created by its research & development team from Israel

Microsoft has recorded a remarkable breakthrough in its research and development efforts on streaming technology. The latest result will permit a substantial increase in the amount of participants that can connect to streaming events. This innovation which was birthed by Peer5, an Israeli startup acquired by Microsoft in 2021 will allow millions of streamers to stream simultaneously during streaming events.
The tech giant announced this novel technology for Microsoft eCDN, its Teams platform, thanks to its subsidiary Microsoft Isreal Research and Development. Amongst its many perks, this recent technology will enhance video streaming quality for large scale live broadcasts. To top it off, this improvement will be achieved without compromising the enterprise network due to system overload. It will also allow millions of users stream simultaneously during streaming corporate streaming events.

Israel-based Peer5, the innovators of Microsoft’s latest technology was acquired by Microsoft in August 2021. This latest news will ease the burden of training for a large scale audience especially in the corporate space. With this technology, organizations can hold organization-wide training and town halls privately and in a most efficient and secure atmosphere without watering down video quality or getting the enterprise network overburdened.

Enterprise Content Delivery Network eCDN technology has the potential to resolve the limitations associated with bandwidth, and to effectively manage video streaming broadcasts to a large audience. One remarkable improvement with this power-based technology is that it works even without endpoint installations.
The eCDN technology uses WebRTC which works in the browser to further develops the bandwidth of the peer -to peer-network. By implication, the system regulates the bandwidth on the corporate network and the business applications functioning simultaneously. The company’s peer to peer connectivity strikes a balance and automatically stretches its capacity as users increase on the platform. One other remarkable quality of the technology is the ease of implementation. It can be applied quickly without an alteration of the physical network infrastructure.
Furthermore, the technology gives organizations a means to evaluate network performance and streaming quality in actual time, helping them to easily pinpoint and troubleshoot the network errors users may experience. The eCDN technology has been fully incorporated into all of Microsoft’s communications systems and can be applied to other streaming platforms.