The Ex-Con Employment Connection

The Ex-Con Employment Connection
The Ex-Con Employment Connection

Opening a new personal business is considered to be maximizing opportunities to fulfill dreams for most people. However, not everyone has the privilege to even access such opportunities because of things they may have done in the past. There is a new program for ex-cons which is designed to eliminate this limitation.

LIEP which stands for Lauderhill Inclusive Entrepreneurship Program is a program specially designed for ex-cons who are determined to separate themselves from their criminal history. Graduates of LIEP have the unique opportunity of crossing the stereotypical boundaries that the world has set for them.

Graduates of LIEP create a channel through which they can prosper, have new beginnings, and cater for themselves, and their families. They will also be able to upgrade their status as entrepreneurs to become employers of labour and tax paying citizens.

LIEP is helping reformed citizens develop their great ideas into functioning businesses. It has facilitated not for profit organization catering for abused kids, tech companies, and transportation companies to mention a few.

Miko Atkinson, an emerging entrepreneur is launching a concept which will be the first in Lauderhill. The Ghost Kitchen is Miko Atkinson’s Entrepreneurial debut. Atkinson who has spent time in prison has struggled to achieve this dream as his prison history from ten years ago has shut him off from so many opportunities. This restriction continued until a transformational pilot program changed his story.

Atkinson just got the city’s approval for his ghost Kitchen which has berthed in a recognized location. “It’s no actual eating on premises but everybody can come there come get their orders, send in your Uber Eats, there will be locker systems for people to come grab their food, and put in their code, and it’s all autonomous.” according to Atkinson.

Success coach Giovanni Sairras, who has also been a victim of such a past now runs a personal re-entry mentoring program. He sums up LIEP this way; “Our motto is just giving back to the communities that we once took from.”

According to the success coach “If I can’t find the person that I’m looking for, then maybe I need to be that person, maybe it’s time for me to lead by example, and that’s exactly what I did.”