Should You Blow Off the Self-Help Business Gurus?


Successful  entrepreneurs recognize the importance of money in business,They also understand that success is not measured by the money you have made as a business person. The authority you command in business is the meter that measures success. Follow these four rules, and experience transformational advancement in business.

One thing money offers an Entrepreneur is security, and financial security is essential. But there is so much more to success, and there are other indices that best measures this state in business.

Outside of business, you may have heard that the people you have raised, and the lives you have blessed is how you measure success. The emphasis here is the relationships we build. The greatest discoveries you will make in business will come from the relationships you build, and the interactions you have with people.

When your circle consist of the individuals you aspire to be like in terms of their level of success, your attitude, and philosophies are transformed for better. You should interact with people who you consider to be more successful than you are to learn how to be as successful as you desire. You can not continue with same old mentality, and expect different results. The mind is the canvass for drawing you dreams, and making it a reality.

These four strategies will position you for success individually, and in your chosen enterprise.

1. Focus on results and not money

Your drive as drive as an entrepreneur should not come from the money you are looking to make but from results you are seeking to achieve. Focus on money limits your thought pattern. It conditions you to a deceitful appearance rather than helping you concentrate on the things you can accomplish and how you can improve your business.
Focusing on money will only make you prioritize sales while focusing on results will encourage you to make your customers happy and secure their loyalty. Sales may be determined by so many factors but a loyal customer always comes again, and again.
Nurture your clients because they indirectly employ you and as you establish loyalty, they make your job simpler. Loyal customers give the best referrals. When you prioritize making customers happy you make more sales and more money.

Being customer centric helps you identify who your loyal customers are so you can isolate and nurture them accordingly.  Nurturing these relationships will help you achieve much more. It will also get you satisfaction, and fulfilment as an entrepreneur.

2. Prioritize Self Care

Achieve the best results in your chosen career can only be possible when you take good care of yourself as an individual. After all, health is still the greatest measure of wealth. You cannot expect to achieve must if you do not eat a proper diet or have proper rest.

Cultivate healthy habits such as exercising regularly, eating healthy meals, avoiding destructive habits and expect this to reflect on your performance. You cannot cheat nature by consuming caffeine constantly and taking junks just to cope with the pressures of work. The effects eventually tell on you and on your performance. To be the best you can be and to have a magnetic business personality, consider how you treat yourself, and how you treat others. When you are impressive on these two fronts, you will attract the right clientele.

3. Be Genuine

Another important strategy to level up in business is being genuine. Be yourself and do not try to be some else or try to be so many people to the extent that you are lost in the bubble.

You have to be as original as you can be. Be clear about you goals and what you want to achieve. Understand what you aim to accomplish and consciously build that fertile environment to get your desired result. What kind of entrepreneur do you hope to be? Let this guide your actions and inactions.

You have to build the right relationships that align with your goals. Nurture these relationships, learn from them but have a clear destination. You must consciously maintain your authenticity so that you can be recognized for who you truly are.

Learn from those you admire in business and implement these lessons but never try to be a copy of others because you are already an original and you posses qualities that distinguishes you from others. These distinctive qualities guarantees the loyalty of your customers and they must always find this authenticity in you.

4. Be Optimistic Always

You are what you think you are so guide you heart with all diligence because out of it springs the issues of life.  With a positive mind-set, you drastically reduce the likelihood of failure. Even in situations where it seems like you have failed, a positive mind-set can save the day by helping you bounce back quickly. Failure is an aspect of the journey to success so do not be a cynic. Most times optimism breeds success, while pessimism breeds failure.

Being optimistic does not necessarily mean you have to ignore harsh realities but the key is to channel positive energy into all you do. There are situations where a positive mind-set can change the day and manipulate result. Do not short-change yourself by being a pessimist all the time. See the good that can be produced.

Closing Remark

Be the change you want to see. Many want to make  a change but are not ready to change themselves. Change begins from you. Re-examine how you conduct your affairs in the relationships you have. Self help is important. How well you treat yourself will most likely inform how you treat others if we consider the golden rule.
Finally, be authentic. Even as you incorporate the best ideas into your business, remember what makes you unique. That is your strength, and you must never loose it trying to be someone  else.

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