Gene Kalwarski, Chief Executive Officer, Cheiron, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Gene Kalwarski and Cheiron:

    For more than 30 years, Gene Kalwarski has been one of the nation’s leading actuaries to multi-billion dollar jointly-trusteed pension and health and welfare funds in the Taft-Hartley and public sector arenas. He is an industry leader in the development of PC-based financial applications and interactive analytical tools that empower fund trustees to understand evaluate and strategize alternative solutions to their financial challenges with respect to pension funding, escalating healthcare costs, and investment strategy. Gene’s ideas and achievements have been chronicled in many industry publications, Money magazine, and at the annual Business Week CFO Forum.

    He specializes in creating innovative real-time simulation decision tools for financial executives facing major strategic decisions with respect to pension funding, investment strategy, and health insurance. His clients have been primarily multi-billion dollar funds of major corporations, states, Taft-Hartley funds, U.S. federal agencies, and the governments of foreign countries.

    Gene applies a “hands on” approach in designing and developing evolving technology applications for clients. Staying actively involved in this dynamic field allows him to incorporate his depth of knowledge and experience to the applications being developed, enhancing them to be more effectively useful from an upper management perspective.

    In addition, he has extensive experience presenting actuarial concepts to large audiences who have little technical expertise. Gene has testified on several occasions before U.S. Senate Committees and regularly testifies before state legislatures and boards of trustees on behalf of the many state-wide pension funds he represents.

    After more than 21 years at Milliman where he established the firm’s Washington office, in 1984 he became the firm’s youngest Equity Principal. By 1990 he was the youngest Equity Principal to serve on the firm’s Board of Directors. He joined Cheiron in November 2002. Prior to working at Milliman, Gene worked for two years at Towers Perrin. He began his actuarial career at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation or PBGC where he spent nearly five years.

    Cheiron (pronounced ki´• ron) is an employee-owned, full-service actuarial and financial consultancy, advising a national client base of public employers, Taft-Hartley plans, non-profits and corporations, from offices in Washington, DC; Charlotte; Chicago; Philadelphia; New York; Portland, OR; Los Angeles; San Francisco; and San Diego. Our primary business is in the pension and health areas, where we help clients identify, measure, and monitor financial risks, and assist them in addressing those risks. At the heart of these services is our proprietary line of sophisticated “X-scan”​ modeling tools that allow clients to see, in real time, the nature and degree of financial risk they face, and determine when deeper analysis is needed.

    We stand behind our work, serving our clients with integrity, responsiveness and objectivity. Our only business is providing analysis and advice. We do not ask clients to accept limitations on our liability for the quality of our work. Our advice is objective, serving only our clients interests and will not be affected by conflicts with other corporate alliances, outside advisors, external oversight entities, or between management and labor.

    Although Cheiron opened its doors in 2002, our seasoned consulting staff averages more than 24 years of experience. Our consultants have earned a strong national reputation for high professional standards, innovation and dedication to solving our clients’​ problems.