Dan Prince, Founder and CEO, illumisoft, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Dan Prince and illumisoft:

    As founder and CEO of illumisoft, Dan set out on one simple mission, to make healthcare better. He believes that building strong relationships with clients helps to understand their needs and provide them with the right software solutions. With over 20 years in the software industry, Dan has a knack for maximizing resources and knows how to spearhead custom solutions that help healthcare organizations, practices, and providers work more efficiently and make an impact on their patient’s lives.

    Why we do what we do.

    The people that work at illumisoft have 4 things that bring us together.

    We have a very strong desire to change the software industry and the process used in procuring custom software.

    We believe that there are much better ways of managing software development projects.

    We are advocates for moving virtually everything to the cloud.

    We realize that our success is dependent on making sure our clients are successful and, as a result we make their success a priority.

    Everyone at illumisoft has a vast amount of experience in every aspect of application life cycle management over a wide range of domains including financial, logistics, eCommerce, warehouse management, case management, health care, banking, and defense.

    Here at illumisoft, creating software solutions that move the needle for the healthcare industry and the patients they serve is what makes us tick. There’s nowhere else we’d rather be than here, and it shows through the quality of service we provide. We may be biased, but we think it’s a big deal that we get to come to work every day bringing to life new ideas that positively impact the lives of millions. From HIPAA compliant secure messaging solutions to remote patient monitoring systems, we can build anything so long as it fulfills our hearts and stimulates our minds.

    We’ve set out to change the way healthcare takes on software projects, and we are happy that we can look back with pride on each project we’ve worked on. Our proven process has led to a 100% success rate due to the devotion we put towards helping improve the lives of your patients through technology. Changing the lives of families, patients, teams, and providers is what keeps us motivated day in and out.

    The most time-consuming part of a project is bringing everyone up to speed on your vision. We know that, and we value your time. Since we work exclusively with health professionals, we have the background to speak your language. We have a deep understanding of dynamic medical concepts which allows us to quickly create a solution for even the most complex issues in the health space.