Mike Austin, CEO & Founder, MetrixData 360, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Mike Austin and MetrixData 360:

    Mike Austin leads and manages the delivery team at MetrixData 360. Mike brings more than 15 years of Microsoft licensing experience to his clients’ projects. He assists companies, from Fortune 500 to organizations with as few as 500 employees, with negotiations of Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA), Premier Support Contracts, and Select Agreements. He has a vast amount of experience across multiple industries including financial services, high tech, manufacturing, media, health care, government, and retail. In addition to helping negotiate contracts, he assists clients with creating and implementing software asset management processes to prevent over-purchasing of licenses and ensures terms and conditions reflect actual usage.

    Previously, Mike was employed by Microsoft for more than 8 years as a member of the global sales execution team responsible for the development of Software Assurance (SA) benefits. With Microsoft, Mike successfully negotiated more than a billion dollars in new and renewal EAs. Mike has also negotiated legal terms and conditions for all software agreements, developed Microsoft’s best practices for global account management, and was awarded Microsoft’s Gold Star Award in 2003 and Circle of Excellence in 2008 for his contributions.

    Software Asset Management Services.

    Practicing Software Asset Management poses challenges for organizations of all sizes. At MetrixData 360, we have helped some of the world’s largest global enterprises with 100’s of thousands of users down to small businesses implement comprehensive SAM processes in their organizations. Our track record of successful SAM engagements has allowed us to develop deep expertise into 4 core services:

    MetrixData 360 Core Services:

    Software Contract Renewal, Optimization, & Negotiation

    Software Self-Assessment

    Full Audit Defense & Negotiation Support

    Software Asset Management as a Service.

    MetrixData 360 Services Outcomes:

    Ensure compliance: With constantly changing rights and contractual obligations within your software environment, our goal is to help you understand the best ways to deploy and optimize your software to minimize your organization’s software compliance risks.

    Save your organization money: Whether your company is considering a new software purchase, experiencing a yearly true-up, going through a contract renewal, or being audited by a software publisher, our services are designed to defend your organization’s IT budget by mitigating compliance exposure, ensuring you are only buying software you truly need, negotiating on your behalf, and exposing the true costs of purchasing, implementing, or upgrading existing software.

    Add value and ROI to software inventory tools: Everyday clients tell us they have invested thousands of dollars to implement Software Asset Management tools only to find out the promises of those tools finding savings just doesn’t happen. MetrixData 360 has worked with every SAM tool in the market today and leverages our experience with them to help companies get the highest ROI on their tooling investments.

    Shift from On-Premise to cloud: The shift from on premise to the cloud is well underway, and it is essential that costs are contained during any cloud migration