Elie Y. Katz, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Elie Y. Katz and National Retail Solutions:

    My many years of experience as an executive, at various companies in diverse industries, has taught me about the necessary qualities to succeed in business. My leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills, bundled with tenacity, have helped me succeed in each position I have held.

    In both my professional and personal life, I have worked to develop and refine my skills. Outside of work, since 1997, I have dedicated my time to being an active member of the Teaneck City Council. Currently Deputy Mayor, I have served previously in positions including Mayor and Council Member. I have used the knowledge gained from my professional life to help make informed decisions on the Council, helping bring millions of dollars of new revenue in to the city. My political experiences, tied closely with strong interpersonal and leadership skills, have helped me find success in the corporate workplace.

    I have also dedicated time to managing real estate properties and food establishments. I have invested in four different food venues and owned thirteen food businesses, including bakeries, restaurants, and take-out establishments. My real estate portfolio includes commercial, mixed use and land properties. My time spent managing these ventures has helped sharpen my business savvy, an understanding of the importance of investment, the knowledge of how to generate new forms of revenue from existing entities, and how to manage people. This knowledge has been invaluable for me over the course of my professional working career.

    I am proud of the successes I have achieved to date, and look forward to strengthening my skills and developing myself further in the future.

    National Retail Solutions is a division of IDT

    Since it was founded in 1990, IDT continues to be a consumer-focused and a multi-national telecommunications company, focusing on developing new and innovative products and services to coincide with the ever-changing global calling arena.

    As a division of IDT, NRS brings the unparalleled value and service synonymous with the IDT name.

    NRS combines the reliability of IDT and the Boss Revolution customer base of over five million people to bring a comprehensive and integrated system to your stores. With over 18,000 locations across the USA at a growth rate of 500+ a month we are quickly becoming the requisite cash register for all convenience stores.