Janet M. Harvey, CEO, MA, MCC, ACS, inviteCHANGE, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Janet M. Harvey and inviteCHANGE:

    Are you investing in your true competitive advantage? If you aren’t investing in development for the leaders who create experiences for your enterprise and customers, they can’t lead an empowering and productive workplace climate that invites engagement. The reality is, you will struggle to retain your top talent if you don’t invest in developing their skills.

    Only inviteCHANGE can provide the highest level of leader and team development to create a foundation of generativity at your enterprise. Enterprises that partner with inviteCHANGE see a boost in their leaders’ decision-making competency by 20% – 30%. Transform your enterprise challenges while creating confident leaders that increase productivity and engagement with colleagues in a consistent and sustainable way.

    Say goodbye to concerns over your leader’s confidence in creating a generative enterprise with leader and team development programs with inviteCHANGE.

    At inviteCHANGE, we catalyze people to BE authentic and generative, to CHOOSE to live values-aligned and to CAUSE reciprocal prosperity. We shape a world where people love their life’s work.

    Our organizational solutions are tailored to the key business opportunities that define unique competitive advantage for our clients – the people who choose to work there.

    Deeply experienced with…

    – Learning and Development – experiential in approach to build capacity

    – Culture Consulting — assessment, strategy, design and team engagement

    – Professional Coaching for individuals and teams – transformative and generative approach

    Our practitioners have also “walked in the shoes” as company leaders in manufacturing, hospitality, education, financial services, technology, professional services and healthcare. All are International Coach Federation credentialed members and accomplished professionals for two decades.