Elaine Acker, Founder & CEO, The Cookbook Creative, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Elaine Acker and The Cookbook Creative:

    At The Cookbook Creative, we know it can take time to turn a great idea into a published cookbook. To do it right, you need an easy way to organize your recipes and stories. Unfortunately, many writers feel overwhelmed and quit before they even get started.

    We believe publishing your own cookbook should be easy and we understand that a step-by-step process can make any project seem manageable. That’s why we’ve turned our 40+ years of publishing experience into an easy-to-use online publishing platform. We’ve also designed clean, modern templates to ensure you’ll create a book you’ll be proud of.

    So create your free account today. Then, start adding your content. You’ll see just how easy it is to collect and share your recipes and stories!

    Stop putting your awesome cookbook idea on the back burner and turn your recipes and stories into a professionally published cookbook.

    When Elaine isn’t working on The Cookbook Creative, she runs the marketing firm, Sparx360. Marketing has changed dramatically in the last 5 years, and she uses the art of storytelling and the science of consumer buying behavior to help help food businesses grow.

    Are you the right fit? You’ve got to be ready for a change… you’ve got to be tired of rehashing old ideas… you’ve got to be ready to climb outside the box and really connect with your ideal audiences.

    If you want to chat with Elaine, just click here and grab some time on her calendar. Her first 30-minute call, is free and she guarantees you’ll leave with marketing ideas (and maybe a cookbook idea or two!) that you can put to work immediately.