About Matt Dixon and Code Program:

Mountain biker extraordinaire, foodie, decent cook, and avid hiker. Oh, and I can do a thing or two with a computer.

I started Front Range Systems to focus on helping our clients solve business problems with custom software. I’m passionate about delivering clean and maintainable code, hitting deadlines, and wowing our clients.

Instilling growth cultures in workplaces to help teams reach their full potential.

CODE is an enhancement coaching program for teams that creates a stronger growth culture within workplaces by broadening skills to create better overall work processes.

CODE is a professional team elevation program that changes mindsets, increases productivity, and creates better effective team members. We take a deep dive on the values and principles that are foundational to success in any process and/or framework. The CODE Program features sessions that are customized to the company so that we can focus on tackling the problems that you are trying to solve head on. Our approach is to help teams grow personally and professionally through small and regular, character-based lessons. This program was created to instill a unified growth culture within workplaces to help create a better work process and environment overall.

Invented with your team’s enhancement in mind, CODE is designed and customized for each individual team by trained industry professionals in order to produce change within these teams for their holistic success in business and life.