Andrew Russell, Owner, RCG Mortgage, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Andrew Russell and RCG Mortgage:

    With a strong psychology background, mortgage loan originator Andrew Russell has built a thriving business that puts people first. Before heading into the mortgage industry, he earned a Master’s degree in psychology and was a guidance counselor and a football coach.

    He first dipped his toe into the mortgage industry by working as a telemarketer for a broker — a job that would help him realize his love for sales. While he started this new career in his early thirties right at the crash of 07/08, he found that he loved the work and the challenge.

    Andrew’s vision was to open his own company and his dream became a reality in 2017. RCG Mortgage, based in Long Island, New York, started with only two other people. Since that time RCG Mortgage has grown to over forty employees. Andrew Russell is now the number one mortgage broker loan originator in the Long Island market by Scotsman Guide for the second year in a row. RCG Mortgage specializes in residential loans and using new products that have helped them grow their market share.

    While Andrew owns the company, he also continues to help buyers get the best mortgage that fits their needs. “I would never move away from working with clients and doing what I love,” he says. “However, I also have a granular understanding of how to build a team and how to offer great service to our clients and our realtor clients.” Their company’s value proposition is geared towards their realtor partners, with an in-house digital marketing division that offers in-depth training. The realtors receive high-end skills training particularly focused on digital marketing and social media. This includes how to grow and scale their presence online. “We’re helping realtors grow their business, which in turn has resulted in our company building up a large following,” Andrew says.

    When he’s not working, Andrew spends time with his family — his beautiful wife and amazing children. He’s active in the community and is a member of multiple chambers of commerce. RCG also gives back wherever possible through fundraising efforts. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they donated over five figures to the Northwell hospitals to support their time of need.

    Here at RCG Mortgage we pride ourselves on our transparency, accountability and being able to provide a “Nordstrom” experience coupled with a “Ford” assembly line. RCG is glad to work with any and all clients, no matter what their financial goals may be.

    Based in Hauppauge, NY, RCG Mortgage is a multi-faceted mortgage broker company specializing in the local market’s needs. RCG Mortgage was founded in 2017 by broker Andrew Russell with the end goal of making the mortgage process as easy and efficient as possible for a mortgage client.

    Working with RCG as mortgage broker offers multiple advantages:

    We work with multiple lenders offering many options – not just the “vanilla” type of mortgage.
    We offer competitive interest rates and products.
    We simplify the underwriting process.
    The level of service RCG Offers is world class. Yep, you’ll love us