Dr. Kathryn Ritchie, CEO & Founder, Ignition Institute, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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    About Dr. Kathryn Ritchie and Ignition Institute:

    Kathryn is passionate about business and people. She works at the nexus of enabling optimal performance and enabling leaders to shape and create environments where people thrive and grow. This lifetime project continues today Ignition Institute work across industry and geography from startup to Fortune 500 companies.

    This passion has shaped Ignition Institute, an international strategy execution firm specializing in performance optimization through strategy clarification and aligned execution. Enough clarity, enough cohesion & enough disciple are at the core of exceptional execution.” Enabling leaders to understand what holds their organizations back as well as what is at their fingertips to unleash this is what inspires Kathryn.

    “What attracts me most to working with Kathryn is her focus on execution – she is committed to partnering with her clients beyond development into the execution phase, where things get messy, people get real, and leadership is critical. Kathryn thrives at this nexus …”

    Ignition Institute

    Ignition Institute is a New York-based international group which utilizes a unique methodology to assess, explore, and target “waste”, in organizations, which prevents and/or inhibits the full realization of organizational & personal goals.

    Shaping culture to guarantee execution.

    Our mission is to target and eliminate the waste that blocks individuals, teams, and organizations from operating at their highest potential. We can help you achieve your goals.

    Ignition Institute’s body of work has given rise to a proprietary method to support execution focused on igniting leaders, teams, and organizations to execute with power. One aspect most valued by clients, is their focus on building capability in their clients. They want to minimize the consulting investment required and reduce the waste abundant in management consulting.

    Our global team of experts works with speed and substance, getting to the heart of what matters for your business. Through concrete processes, we identify patterns, break conventions and bad habits while holding you accountable to the directions and actions. We are focused on enabling teams to understand, own and execute as opposed to pushing down.

    Clients call Ignition Institute for assistance with mission-critical issues