Nikki Boyd, Chief Executive Officer, Mahaba Healthcare, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

About Nikki Boyd and Mahaba Healthcare:

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Logistics Management, and Interpersonal Communication. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ole Miss and a Bachelor of Arts focused in Criminal Justice and Corrections from Northwestern State University.

We help nurses define their careers and ensure hospitals get reliable staffing.

Our experience working and earning as per diem and travel nurses informed the dream to start Mahaba Healthcare Staffing Agency. However, having worked with enough healthcare facilities across the US, it was evident that many employer-nurse gaps still needed to be filled, and fast. Full-time nurses working as Telemetry nurses and PCU nurses are growing increasingly dissatisfied with the conditions and inflexibilities of their roles and workplaces. Professionals like yourself deserve a working environment where you are appreciated and treated the same way as their permanent staff without fearing burnout. Healthcare facilities face increased pressure due to surges in patient numbers, and they don’t have enough capable nurses to handle the volatility. As a result, they risk losing their JHACO certifications. These hospitals, telemetry units, and progressive care facilities reach out to us because they fail to secure the top nursing staff for relevant roles independently. Mahaba Healthcare staffing builds bridges between honest and dedicated nurses looking for accommodating employers who fit their schedules. Our straightforward solutions for these candidates and employers create an easy-to-follow experience that you should take advantage of today.

Our Mission

To create exceptional staffing solutions that help bridge the gap between nurses and healthcare employers via sound professional support, extraordinary dedication, and safe and ethical practices to bring forth a reality of seamless healthcare delivery in contribution to helping to solve the future problems of the healthcare industry today.

Our Vision

To become the leader in delivering staffing solutions to progressive care nurses, telemetry nurses, and hospitals in the US while setting the bar higher for workplace excellence and safety standards.