About Mark Greenspan and Checkissuing.com:

Mark Greenspan grew up in Phoenix, AZ, graduating with a Finance Degree from Arizona State University. After graduation he was the 6th employee at a credit card processing and hosting company which eventually grew to 500+ employees. He started in the Accounting Department for hosting, then moved to managing the accounting for both Hosting as well as the Credit Card side. He then expanded to the manage the Fraud side of the credit card business, establishing the fraud systems and controls for all credit card and ACH signups. Then they wanted him to create and manage a Policy Review department that reviewed all of the websites before they got approved, as well as periodically re-reviewing them. Then he moved into Business Development and started a hosting business for the company called Secured Servers, which eventually got merged into their Data Center Product, PhoenixNAP. After being there 13 years, and a VP for 7 of them, he left and started checkissuing.com.

Checkissuing originally started as an idea in a restaurant in 2005 and then space in a basement in 2008. In 2010, they moved out of that basement into an office in Surprise, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. Then in 2012, the heat started getting to them and the company relocated to Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. After a while, the idea of constantly being in the cold weather got to them, and in early 2018, the company relocated into the technical community of Tempe, Arizona, another suburb of Phoenix, less than a mile from Arizona State University, where it resides to this day.

The Staff at the Company have deep backgrounds in payments, engineering, development, security, compliance, finance, quality control, and technology. Combined with a resolute operational team, dedicated customer service staff, and a innovative development team, Checkissuing offers fresh solutions to systems and technology in order to provide state-of-the-art payment and statement solutions for their clients.

Checkissuing is a 20+ person company and Corporations such as Lyft, Paypal, Honeywell, Airbnb, IPSY, Mead Johnson, Carvana, and hundreds of others have enjoyed working with their State-of-the-Art Systems and Technology. We take deep pride in our forward-thinking approach to creating an Amazing Payment Sending and Transfer Platform for our Clients, our Ultra-Strong approach to Security, the methodology behind our Smooth UX(User Experience) System, our Reliable and Always-There Customer Service Team, our Processes behind-the-scenes for Quality Control, and our Clients know we will do Anything to please them.