Marina Safonov Ph.D., CEO & Vladimir Safonov Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer. H2 UNIVERSE LLC, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

    About Marina Safonov Ph.D., CEO & Vladimir Safonov Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer and H2 UNIVERSE LLC

    H2 Universe Mission and Goals:

    H2 Universe is a US based health, wellness, and fitness company. Our focus is to develop technologies that generate and deliver hydrogen nanobubbles to the human body for various applications. We are committed to helping people to live a healthier and longer life through our technology solutions.

    Our founding mission is to educate people on the advantages of hydrogen therapy, develop safe and effective products which deliver hydrogen nanobubbles to the essential organs of the human body. Thus, helping people to live a healthier and longer life. Our products and technologies generate and deliver Hydrogen conveniently and efficiently.

    The Slogan and fundamental goal of H2 UNIVERSE LLC: “Live a Healthier and Longer Life”.

    Through science and innovation we are developing new Hydrogen-related products.

    H2 UNIVERSE, LLC is a start-up, headquartered in Granbury, Texas. We intend to be the leader in inexpensive, ultra high-speed technology for drug-combination transdermal drug delivery systems and so on for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. It’s a common practice for Pharmaceutical companies to formulate transdermal drugs with skin permeation chemical enhancers, also referred to as penetration enhancers. We believe that our technology would hydrogen-enhanced transdermal patch does not require a drug to have added chemicals in the form of enhancers. Further, the effect of hydrogen can reduce the side effects of the drug, because hydrogen is an anti-inflammatory agent and good antioxidant. When a company wants leading edge solutions – we intend to be the first name to come to mind.

    One of the goals of H2 Universe is to commercialize our HyPatch© and other products in the pipeline. I encourage your readers to review our investors tab on our website –

    Why Hydrogen?

    Hydrogen (H2) therapy is an emerging field that utilizes molecular hydrogen for the treatment of various human diseases. Basic and clinical research has revealed that hydrogen is an important physiological regulatory factor with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic effects. The effects of hydrogen treatment on oxidative stress- and inflammatory-related diseases are well documented. Molecular hydrogen is also the smallest antioxidant which can spread very quickly in your body and reach the smallest capillaries and even go through the brain blood barrier.

    In the last decade Hydrogen Therapy is a rapidly growing area; there are over a thousand medical-scientific papers published on the therapeutic effects of hydrogen. The successful use of H2 treatment of oxidative stress and related inflammatory diseases including flu and cold is well scientifically documented.