Malik Kurdi, Owner, Exemplary Marketing LLC, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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    Welcome to Exemplary Marketing

    Exemplary Marketing is a Chicago based social media marketing agency, delivering worldwide outstanding marketing solutions. In addition to Marketing solutions, our team also provides outstanding Application Designs & Development services. We offer comprehensive solutions to various size of businesses around the globe. Our technical experts are responsible for every provided solutions security, reliability, and efficiency. Exemplary marketing is not just a solution provider, but in actual, we are a troubleshooter hub for your every possible problem.


    It’s our core duty to provide you with world-class solutions to make your business grow. Here our experts work day and night to assure the conversion of your groundbreaking ideas into reality. Our clients value our work quality, scalability, and security, along with proactive management. We believe in superiority; therefore, we emphasize on quality and strive for continuous improvements.


    Our team of skilled software developers, UX architects, designers and QA engineers are driven to produce impactful solutions for your business. We have delivered thousands of solutions for helping businesses like yours to expand at a rapid scale. We understand the challenges of working with a remote team; that’s why we focus on providing an experience that feels like home. Assign us your tasks and let us create them.


    Our services include every sort of social media related strategies services. Not only we provide a solution but also optimize the performance on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. To enhance the growth of your businesses, we as well develop websites for you and have highly skilled designers to design them. We help entrepreneurs navigate this new yet increasingly vital area of business and save them time and effort by doing all the work, from day-to-day social media management to advertising campaigns and even all development processes of a website.


    We create unique UI/UX designs of websites which are attention grabbing and have a user-friendly interface. Plus point is our websites interface is responsive and can be easily operated from any system (mobile/desktop).