Matt Wasserlauf – CEO and Founder – Blockboard, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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Blockboard: The Next Generation of Brand Engagement and Digital Storytelling.

Blockboard exists to remove friction and distance between advertiser and target customer. We do this by providing multiple key advertiser services in one place; creative production, asset distribution, ad serving, campaign management, verification and measurement.


Blockboard has a rich history in producing bespoke video content for major brand advertisers. From :30 seconds to 30 minutes or longer, Blockboard creates engaging, relevant and customized content according to the needs of the brand. We believe that harnessing the power of frequency across all devices is the next frontier in video advertising. Reach tells, Frequency sells. The challenge is making the creative asset nimble enough to properly exploit multiple consumer touches.

?The Blockboard production process is fast, cost efficient and effective. We have created customized multi-episode programs for major CPG companies, :15 and :30 second ads for a major coffee brand, an interview series with famous comedians for a major healthcare provider to name just a few.

20+ Years of Production Experience
? Short-form/High Quality
? Custom, Bespoke Content
? Distribution: Data-targeted
? Measurable
? Blockchain Transparency


The pandemic has created new media consumption habits, especially around streaming video. eMarketer projects that the number of non-pay tv households will surpass the traditional pay tv household in 2022. Blockboard is perfectly positioned to help your brand leverage the new opportunities created by this consumer shift in video consumption.

?Blockboard distributes the ad/content we produce for you or your own creative across our powerful CTV/OTT network. Cookie-less tracking allows us to verify impressions and manage frequency across all devices and all publishers. Our clients have generated multiple success stories by re-targeting CTV users ( Tell) with call to action ads (Sell). One client, a toy distributor, sold out of all its advertised inventory with 5 days left in the campaign by using Blockboard’s Tell & Sell Re-targeting program.

Multi-screen Premium Video Network
? 1000+ Apps & Media on OTT and Social
? 150mm+ Unique reach per month
? 450mm+ streams per month
? 60mm OTT reach
? Distribution to all streaming devices, smart TVs & Consoles
? Precision Targeting


MyBlockboard is the perfect platform for clients looking to harness new ways to reach and influence potential customers in this time of rapid disruption.

?MyBlockboard is a proprietary story management platform that allows you to plan, buy, activate, serve, verify and measure your brand narratives across all screens and all publishers. We are 100% transparent and will provide access to all impression data that is verified via blockchain. This is the exact opposite of the “black box” operating philosophy we’ve all become accustomed to in the rise of programmatic trading. Transparency. For real.

Proprietary platform powered by Blockchain
? Campaign management
? Content Distribution
? Creative asset management
? All impressions verified through Blockchain