Brian Gallagher & JT Kostman,PhD. Co-Founders, ProtectedBy.AI, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

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ProtectedBy.AI develops solutions that Augment Human Intelligence that protect and advance the Economic Objectives of Companies and Countries

We provide an economic advantage to the companies and countries we
work with through cutting-edge cost-effective solutions that are at the intersection of Technology and Psychology.


Our comprehensive approach simultaneously addresses Strategic, Human Capital, Insight and Technology needs efficiently, affordably, and effectively through the use of a suite of customizable modules the member of our team created in the course of developing innovative solutions for organizations ranging from Samsung to the CIA; the White House to the United Nations; Time Inc. to Tech Startups in Silicon Valley, New York, India, Africa, and Australia.


Know Your Strategy Human Capital Insights Technology

Our Leadership Team and Advisory Board collectively represent the worlds leading thinkers and practitioners in applying Artificial Intelligence and leading-edge technology to advance the economic interests of organizations of every size and sector.