Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder & CEO, Jump To Health, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Video Interview

Audrey Sommerfeld, Founder & CEO, Jump To Health, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Video Interview.
Audrey Sommerfeld brings her passion for helping people, innovation, and for healthy products and lifestyles to Jump to Health. As a Co-Founder, her goal is to help create that family and community of people that want to make a difference in the world, and help each other succeed in living our best life, how we imagined it to be. Audrey Sommerfeld grew up in a small town in Minnesota, and worked her way through College, and then Graduate School in Illinois. She began her career marketing and developing products for brands like Oil of Olay, Mylanta, Johnsons Baby, Neutrogena, and other notable products and companies. Audrey Sommerfeld fell in love with Direct Sales at Herbalife where she worked on global product management in over 60 countries, developing and marketing products in nutrition, weight management, sports nutrition, and skin and hair care. Audrey Sommerfeld then joined a start up at the time in ViSalus, helping drive growth with new products, new platforms, new tools and trainings, and more. She and her team have come together to create Jump to Health, where we have the freedom to do ‘what’s right’ and keep formulas the best they can be, so we can live our best life.

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