Vivien Garns, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Upfluence, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Zoom Interview

Vivien Garns, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Upfluence, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Zoom Interview. Upfluence is the The Smartest Influencer Marketing Platform. Turn your customers into authentic content creators for your brand and expand your influencer network with access to a database of 4M+ profiles. Access over 4 million influencer profiles across all social media platforms. Filter your results with over 20 advanced search criteria to find the right influencers for your campaigns. Upfluence is the only influencer platform that lets you identify organic influencers in your own customer base & website audience. Collect social data when visitors are browsing your site or during checkout, analyze their social data, and add them to your affiliate campaigns. Gain insights into an influencers performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits and more. Combine their social data with their purchase history to reveal your most influential customers .Access tools powered by AI technology, including influencer recommendations and price suggestions. Streamline your influencer marketing campaigns and stay on top of all your collaborations with a customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard. Access all of the tools you need to manage every aspect of your campaigns in one place: edit briefs, send in-app emails, manage negotiations, approve post drafts, and issue payments. Measure your campaigns success with advanced analytics dashboards. Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements. Integrate your favorite third-party affiliate tools to monitor the impact of your ambassador program has on sales. Do it all with Upfluence.

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Andy Jacob is the CEO Of DotCom Magazine. Jacob brings more than 30 years of executive sales experience founding and leading startups and high growth companies. Andy Jacob is an award winning business innovator and sales visionary. Andy’s unique approach to sales strategy has helped revolutionize many businesses, and his own companies have produced thousands of jobs, helped thousands of people, and made hundreds of millions in revenue throughout his 30-year career as a business leader. Jacob is the only strategist in the world that guarantees your results. Jacob's straight forward, no-nonsense approach has been lauded by CEO's and Founders throughout America. Andy has been called one of the leading authorities in the customer sales cycle, and he is passionate about helping companies sell more, close more, and make more. Jacob has been a guest financial expert on CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Warner, and Bloomberg. Jacob’s companies have also been covered by The Wall Street Journal. Jacob has been an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award Winner for his leadership in developing and executing corporate strategy and transformational business practices. Jacob is a pioneer in the fields of B2B and B2C sales, consumer finance, online customer acquisition, and consumer monetization. Jacob is turning the billion dollar sales advisory industry upside down with his Virtual Sales Growth Mastery practice which is focused on helping companies increase their revenue by 10X. Leveraging his experience and strategic abilities, Andy is known for breaking down business problems quickly and efficiently. Jacob’s mission is to provide business owners fast, easy solutions for complex problems. Jacob is the author of the online “Beautiful Start-Up Quiz”, and an active investor, business owner, and entrepreneur. While Jacob is best known for his business savvy, his favorite accomplishment is being a founding supporter and executive board member of The Friendship Circle, an organization that provides individuals with special needs the support, friendship, and inclusion they deserve. Jacob and his wife, Kristin, are also supporters of numerous animal charities.