Sofia Szabo. President, Marc Szabo Studios, A DotCom Magazine Interview

    About Sofia Szabo and Marc Szabo Studios:

    High end digital renderings and 3D animation. Marc Szabo has been leading the industry with photo realistic renderings for over 30 years, working with the top builders, architects, advertising agencies and interior designers on both domestic and global scales.

    Marc Szabo Studios is an agency association of five very accomplished studios, each with their own specialty working as one to assure our clients the best possible quality and service.
    Exterior and Interior Renderings/Exterior and interior Animations/ Virtual 360 Tours/Interactive Kiosk Presentations

    Looking at a studio website, or even a referral, does not guarantee your studio selection. Today it is not just renderings. With new digital applications there are too many influencing factors. Any one studio may excel at renderings but could be limited in their animation and interactive experience. The client sees examples but they don’t really know if the studio did in fact do the work, how long they had to do it, and if the artists that did the work are still with that studio.

    I thoroughly researched all my associated studios and have worked with them for many years. I know their strengths and their weaknesses. I manage each project from start to finish. Very often I will combine several studios on the same project. In the last twenty-five years Marc Szabo Studios has completed thousands of projects. We have the experience, and we have the quality you would expect.