Nilladriz a leading Influencer, Photographer & Director

Nilladriz is a leading influencer. The DotCom Magazine editorial team has selected Nilladriz as an Impact Influencer for 2019, and we are very happy to have Nilladriz join us for our Influencer RoundTable Interview Series.

As part of this series, DotCom Magazine identifies individuals that have influence over potential customers, influence over ideas, influence in social media and are building a following. We are very excited to not only interview Nilladriz for this series, but also put Nilladriz through our ever popular speed round as well.

Nilladriz an Influencer, Photographer & Director
Nilladriz an Influencer, Photographer & Director

Nilladriz, thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day for this interview, and answering our questions about being an influencer.

1. Can you tell our readers what the “elevator pitch” for Nilladriz is? In other words, tell us about your passion, and what keeps you moving forward as an influencer?

What keeps me moving forward is the want to create content and seeing the positive effect it has on people. The positive reaction I get after I post something, followed by traction, pushes me to continue.

2. Nilladriz, many of our readers are just starting out in their careers as influencers. What advice can you give to a young person just starting out who wishes to become an influencer and leader like you?

I feel that over the past couple years as social media has grown into what it is now, the term influencer has become supersaturated. With this being said I think anyone who wants to pursue being an influencer should be original and aim to influence in a positive manner.

3. Nilladriz, can you share with us your mindset when things get challenging in life, and how you come out the other side better than ever?

Everyone’s life’s experiences are different and day by day we’re faced with challenges that will either make or break us. I feel like what separates those who succeed from those who fail is their mindset. Daily practice of positivity, focus, and ambition brought me closer to my goals.

4. For other people seeking to become an influencer, what simple advice can you give them to get followers?

There are so many different methods and strategies to help increase your following on social media. But the most important factor to growth is original attention grabbing pieces of content.

Social Media
Social Media
5. Nilladriz, when you think about influencers, what would you say is the one thing that all great influencers have in common?

I think one thing all great influencers have in common is their ability to leverage their audience to help push and promote a product or business.

6. Nilladriz, when you think about communication, what would you say is the one thing that all communicators do well?

All good communicators are good listeners first.

7. What is your “Why”? Why do you get up in the morning, and what keeps you motivated to be your best every day?

My “why?” is my desire to create and influence people. Ultimately I want my impact be felt by as many people as possible and the end goal is to be remembered for the value I gave instead of took.

8. Can you recommend a book that has had an influence in you as an influencer? How did it influence you?

A book that has influenced me is “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It was a great tool in developing the mindset needed to start my journey in the business world.

9. Nilladriz, if you had one thing to teach an 18 year old person about how to conduct themselves in the online world, what would it be?

Understand what you want from the online world, seek to network and develop new relationships, and stay true to yourself throughout the process.

Nilladriz, we would like to do something very interesting and have you do our ever popular “First Reaction” round.

We will ask you ten more questions that we want you to answer in just one to three words only. We don’t want you to think about the answers. Just let us know what comes out naturally.

Here you go!

1. In three words or less, What makes a successful human being?
Creativity, Intelligence, and Discipline

2. Describe your passion in three words or less?

3. Describe what makes a person happy in one sentence.
Be true to yourself

4. What one attribute do you look for when making friends?

5. What is the one word you want your friends to say about you?

6. In three words or less, describe what makes Nilladriz tick?
Creating a legacy

7. In three words or less, describe what it takes to be successful?
Persistence, Sacrifice, and Passion

8. In one sentence, describe what it takes to be great in business.
Spot trends first

9. In three words or less, describe how being a successful influencer has changed you?
Increase in responsibility

10. What is the one word that you believe has the most power in the English Language?

Nilladriz , we appreciate you sharing your answers with the editors at DotCom Magazine for our Influencer Round Table Series. We very much appreciate your time, and offering some insight on what it takes to be a great thought leader. We hope your interview helps our readers think about what it takes to be a successful influencer, and we wish you and your family nothing but the best.

Thanks again!