Top 5 Tech Startups in Detroit Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Tech Startups in Detroit

AS we head closer towards 2019, we wanted to post something here at DotCom Magazine about tech startups in Detroit and some of the names to look out for in the coming year. We’ve highlighted 5 in particular that interested and intrigued us and we based our decision on the competitive landscape, product and brand traction, leadership team and revenue potential to name but a few things. We hope you find this post as interesting to read as it was to research and put together.

Tech Startups


StockX is an interesting stock market. The first of its kind, it was started in 2012 and is the first fully functioning stock market of…things. It’s a live, real-time Bid/Ask-style marketplace. At StockX buyers can place bids, sellers can place Asks and when an ask and a bid meet, a transaction automatically happens. It is an ideal place to buy and sell fully authentic and verified handbags, watches and sneakers.


Buy House

Founded originally as far back as 2013, BoostUp is a special platform where you can make down payment savings. Its purpose is to help people to save money towards buying a car or their first home by having their savings matched from brand partners, friends and even family members. How does it work? A customer creates their own completely free account, sets a goal for saving and then makes automated deposits in order to reach that particular goal. Brand partners can offer what is known as a boost, or a dollar-for-dollar match, which gives them a reward in their savings when the customer buys. Friends and relatives can also take part so that their nearest and dearest reach their targets quicker.


BioSense was established in 2015 and is a startup that has been developing intelligent wellness and health monitoring that makes use of EKG sensors that do not require contact with a client for them to work. The design of these sensors wirelessly can detect electrical signals in the body meaning no contact with the user’s skin is necessary. This next-gen form of monitoring and alert system in the healthcare industry makes use of analytics and big data.


Auto Ticketing

Passage is a company that began its life in 2014 and provides payments and ticketing for special events at the door of the venue and online. It exists to cater to niche events and provides features and branding that are category-specific, while creating a top-of-mind brand for every category. An example is HauntPay which is the payment and ticketing solution that Passage devised for the haunted house and attraction industry in the country.


According to a study conducted by a US Bank, around 82% of SMEs fail because of bad cash flow management. That is why Autobooks, formed in 2015, is needed now more than ever before. They are a tech company in the financial industry that provides accounting and payment software that fully integrates with online banking. It enables financial institutions such as credit unions and banks to add another service for their small business customers, while continuing to compete in the ever-evolving industry.