Top 5 Best New Start-ups Announced By DotCom Magazine

There has never been a shortage new businesses and start-ups and in 2018 there have been too many to mention in one article. That is why we have decided, at DotCom Magazine to pick and out discuss briefly five of our favorites. There are many reasons why these have been singled out in particular, such as their ingenuity, innovation and just the fact that they are great business ideas.

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Ripple was established in 2012 and utilizes blockchain tech to help make currency exchanges across borders and between different banking organizations a smooth experience. In a world that is becoming increasingly connected by technology and the internet, this makes perfect sense to us.

Halo Top

Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? If anyone reading this right now is putting their hands up, then this startup isn’t for you. However, for the rest of you, Halo Top will probably be of great interest to you, if you haven’t already heard of them and sampled their healthy line of frozen creamy delights. With flavors such as red velvet, strawberry, vanilla bean and birthday cake among many more, plus the promise of there only being a meagre 280 to 360 calories in a pot, it’s not surprising really that they have been so successful.


Lyft is the main rival to Uber and is valued currently at around $15.1b. Which is might impressive, considering the company was only formed around six years ago. Lyft has been capitalizing on some of its rival’s biggest headaches and moved forward with a launch in 54 cities during the summertime in 2017. It has been estimated that Lyft handles around 1m rides every day and is now available to about 90% of the population in the United States.


Beauty Products

Skincare and beauty products are a very evergreen type of product, but it can often be a hard market to make waves in. Glossier seems to have risen to the challenge with their so-called ‘people-powered beauty eco-system’. What that basically means is that they sell products that the designs and creation of which take inspiration from the people who want to use those kinds of products, and there are people that you can take inspiration from and also inspire yourself. The concept is that the boardroom is not where beauty is made, it’s when individuality is celebrated. Their fragrance, skincare and beauty products range are certainly popular and the company recently was able to raise funding of $52m to help them improve the experience of their customers.


Aurora is a very exciting start-up in the automotive industry. It was established by three individuals who are leaders in the self-driving car and vehicle industry and who design the hardware and software required to make revolutions in transportation. So, essentially, they do self-driving cars. Their aim is to do it better and safer than anyone and they definitely have the interest, backing and creative minds behind it to make it a success.

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