Construction Accident


construction accident can change your life forever – many accidents result in lasting injuries, continued trauma, and high medical bills. If the accident was not your fault and you believe you are entitled to compensation, you might be considering filing a construction accident claim against the liable party. 

However, filing a claim on your own can be difficult; the process will be much easier if you have local construction accident attorneys at your disposal. You can count on the expertise of local accident lawyers to help you make the right decisions while filing an accident claim. 

Here is a complete guide to filing a construction accident claim. With these four steps, you can find all the evidence you need to file a claim, win a court case, and receive your compensation. 

How to File a Construction Accident Claim

A construction accident usually has a liable party, and the point of a construction claim is to hold that party accountable and receive help with necessary medical expenses and recovery. However, gathering the necessary evidence and properly filing the claim can take a lot of work. 

Here are the four main steps to filing a construction accident claim. Although each step is a little complicated, you can successfully file your claim by following these general rules and applying your local laws to your case. 

Hire a Lawyer

The first (and most important) step in filing a construction accident claim is to hire a licensed construction accident lawyer. Although you can file a claim by yourself, the paperwork, insurance claims, and evidence gathering can be extremely taxing. It’s best to hire a professional to ensure that you will do everything right.

A good attorney will have the experience and contacts to take all the paperwork off your hands. You can focus on recovering from your accident and taking care of medical expenses, and your lawyer will help you with the rest of these steps. 

If you hire a lawyer, the rest of the process is much easier. 

Gather Evidence

Once you have a good construction accident lawyer on your side, you can work on gathering evidence against the liable party. It’s crucial to prove negligence or liability when filing a construction accident claim, and you and your lawyer can find this by talking to eyewitnesses or reviewing evidence from the scene. 

Your evidence will also include medical experts’ testimonies regarding your injuries. A successful construction accident claim usually involves a claim of liability and proof of lasting damage or injuries. The injuries can be mental, physical, or emotional – these injuries will hold up in court as long as they hinder your ability to continue working for at least several months. 

File a Claim

With a lawyer and enough evidence, you are ready to file your claim. Insurance companies and employers can sometimes make this difficult, but this is where your attorney comes in. Allow them to meet with your insurance company, take care of the red tape, and file your claim with the courts. 

Once the claim is officially filed, your job is done. Some businesses and companies prefer to settle out of court to avoid negative publicity. If this is the case, you will receive the agreed-upon compensation, and you can continue to heal and live your life. Filing a claim is the last step unless you’re called to court. 

Go to Court

If the liable party chooses not to settle out of court, you will be assigned a court day. Your lawyer can walk you through every step of this and will represent you in court. If you choose to represent yourself, going to court is the most difficult part of the process. However, a lawyer can make it easier for you. 

Court cases can take weeks or maybe months, so it’s essential to be prepared to fight for a long time. However, some can be done in one session, giving you proper compensation and allowing you to pay your lawyer and take care of your medical bills.