The Impact Of Technology On Writing Essays

Essay Writing

Technology in education has been on the rise in recent years, and its impact on the college admission process cannot be denied. Authorities at selective universities are looking for applicants. The one who not only excels academically but also possesses a desire for science, engineering, and related fields.

As a result, this has become an integral part of the acceptance process. This article will explore how technology has impacted the college admissions system. We’ll examine how its opportunities and challenges affect students regarding thesis composition.

Positive Impacts Of Technology On Essay

This has had a significant optimistic impact on essays for college admissions. With the advent of computer programs, custom paper writing services, and other resources, developing school essays has become more efficient and effective. This state of affairs facilitated the work of students and admissions officers.

Greater Access To Resources And Information

Technology allows students to showcase their interests in different school essays. Learners interested in computer science can include examples of their experiences in the dissertations. This demonstrates to admissions officials that they are genuinely interested in the field.

The Capacity To Structure And Organize An Essay With Ease

The potential to easily make and regulate the dissertation is another advantage of the essay. Various software programs, such as Grammarly, help students organize their thoughts and ideas. In addition, they logically structure them. These tools also help identify problem areas. Learners must ensure that their admission essay is well-written and free of grammatical errors.

Greater Efficiency In Writing And Editing

There are several chances for learners to highlight their passions in their dissertations. Students who are interested in computer science or programming use their experiences in their papers. They possess the knowledge necessary to succeed. Admissions administrators value it.

Furthermore, it has also made it easier for learners to write dissertations on various topics. For example, those interested in math, physics, or computer science can now easily find resources and articles using tools such as Google Scholar. This can help a learner to develop his/her cognitive and composition mastery. In addition, such tools put together the admission essay more interesting and engaging.

Negative Impacts On Essay Writing

Essay Writing

Technology has brought about many advancements in the way we write and communicate. However, it has also had negative impacts on essays.

Decrease In The Quality Of College Essays

Admissions officers at colleges and universities now have access to various tools and resources. They help them evaluate school applications. However, with technological tools, it has become easier for applicants to submit plagiarized manuscripts on their application. Sometimes they give ones purchased from a third party. This has made it more difficult for admissions officials to accurately evaluate applicants’ mastery.

Decrease In The Quality of Writing And Critical Reasoning

Another negative impact is how it affects a student’s thinking and learning. With access to various resources and tools, learners can explore a vast range of themes and subjects in greater depth. However, this has increased the intensity of academic techniques. Undergraduates are under pressure to produce high-quality papers in a shorter period.

Reduced Creativity And Students’ Capacity To Acquire Useful Knowledge And Experiences

The way we pursue our interests and hobbies has been hurt by this system. With its use, it has become easier to access various resources and tools. But this has decreased the chances for learners to follow their passions outside of the classroom.

Despite its negative impacts, it is still a powerful tool. It can be used to improve the composition method and the admission essay. Learners can produce high-quality papers by using it in conjunction with traditional methods.


The theme “technology” has had a significant positive impact on essays for academic admissions. It has made the system of researching and organizing more efficient and effective. It has also opened up new opportunities for learners. Now they showcase their area of fascination and post dissertations on various subjects.

Providing access to a vast amount of information and tools has helped learners produce high-quality theses. They are more compelling and engaging. This has helped many people to gain admission to particular institutes and universities and to pursue their career goals.