Amy Mosher Berry is a dynamic social entrepreneur and community development professional with more than 20 years of diverse project experience (including 10 years running her own consulting firm and 5 years teaching college) who understands firsthand what today’s young professionals and organizations need to succeed.

After designing and running various ‘new economy’ programs for her city of Worcester, MA, following the 2008 financial meltdown, Amy transitioned to college programming—teaching more than 650 students over five years. During this time, she encountered an unacceptable number of capable young people at a loss as to how to gain real-world experience.

She could not tolerate one more college graduate returning to their high school barista or babysitter job – now saddled with debilitating debt – just because they failed to put a plan in place. Additionally, Amy felt strongly that she needed a better response when people in her professional network would constantly inquire about how to “get good interns.” And Visions Internships was born in 2020.

A woman-owned for-profit social enterprise, Visions Internships is deeply committed to empowering young professionals and organizations to meet their goals while bettering our world.

Through their core 12-week program “VIP,” Visions Internships helps purpose-driven young people in their twenties get meaningful real-world experience serving social impact organizations that need reliable, affordable project support but lack the time to find, train, and manage interns. A win-win for the world.

With Amy’s leadership, Visions Internships also helps young people understand how today’s employers think and what they need. Equally important, Visions Internships helps organizations understand how to attract and retain motivated, work-ready young people who are yearning to Do Well & Do Good.

Amy holds a master’s degree in Community Development and Planning from Clark University and B.A. in Environmental Studies/Spanish from the University of Vermont. She lives in Massachusetts, USA and loves to dance, travel, and give back.

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