Earning 300K a year is the new 75K a year in Silicon Valley


    The tech businesses that occupy Silicon Valley, which have some of the highest valuations in the world, and their employees, who are also paid quite well, are synonymous with a large concentration of wealth in the area.

    Even if the cost of living in the Bay Area is growing, a specific demographic can’t resist the abundance of jobs and remuneration in the software industry. There has long been a reputation for lavish payment at companies like Meta (previously Facebook), Apple, and Google. Other employers are getting more competitive as the tech industry reaches a saturation point.

    The Dodd-Frank Act, which mandated that publicly traded corporations begin disclosing their employees’ median salaries in 2017, made this information readily available. And while the data is incomplete, the SEC filings for 2021 suggest that a significant percentage of these companies pay their employees well—with annual remuneration topping six digits for many of these organizations.


    No one needs to be introduced to Google; everyone knows who Google is and what it does. Those in the industry are familiar with the name and are eager to work for the company; employees of the organization are happy to suggest it to their colleagues and family members.

    The median yearly total salary for Google employees was $295,884. While Google hasn’t released 2018 salary figures yet, past years have shown an average annual total of $246,884, a significant increase above the $197,274 in 2017. There is no mention of the CEO’s salary in these SEC filings, but the median annual total remuneration is determined without it. This includes salary and additional benefits like stock options and bonuses.


    Meta has a median yearly salary of $292,785, placed right behind Google. After that, things became a little unexpected.

    According to Okta’s filing, their 2021 median annual total compensation will be $258,687, which is more than Dropbox ($257,164), Twitter ($232,626), and Nvidia ($217,542).


    A total of more than $200,000 was also reported by Netflix, which stated that their median employee salary was $201,743. Salesforce, Adobe, eBay, and Intel are just a few companies with median annual total compensations reported well above $100,000.

    Amazon and Apple:

    Several well-known companies do not meet this standard. In comparison, the median salaries at Apple and Amazon were $68,254 and $39 677 per year, respectively. In addition to their corporate staff, both companies employ large numbers of the retail, warehouse, and other service workers, which is likely to cause the lower median incomes.

    It’s Amazon’s goal to make Kindle reading a worldwide phenomenon where every book, no matter when or where it was written, can be read on the e-reader.

    Many aspire to work at Amazon’s headquarters, where the median yearly salary is around $135,000. As one of Silicon Valley’s highest-paid employers, Amazon is a popular place for people to work and earn a good salary.

    More and more people now prefer reading digitally, and Amazon is proud to be a leading eCommerce website with a global following after only a decade in business.


    In the same way that Facebook doesn’t require an introduction, Twitter’s name alone tells you how big it is. Twitter is a San Francisco-based company that millions of people use to express their ideas and opinions.

    The platform provided by Twitter, which is used by billions of people worldwide, allows people to express their opinions and share them with the world freely. To express their ideas, feelings, concerns, happiness, despair, or to share a few words with the world, people utilize Twitter to do so.

    As one of the highest-paying firms in Silicon Valley, Twitter gives a typical annual base salary of approximately $133K, as well as a variety of extra bonuses and incentives.


    LinkedIn doesn’t require an introduction because its services and activities are well-known.

    A business-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn gives a terrific opportunity for professionals to interact and build a network, which can lead to better employment and employees.

    Recruiters and job seekers might benefit from using LinkedIn, an online network of professionals. Millions of people use LinkedIn daily to connect with others in the business world and locate better job opportunities.

    LinkedIn is well-liked for its work and is also one of Silicon Valley’s highest-paying corporations, with a median base salary of over $120K and additional benefits.

    Even though certain companies appear to pay more than others, it is reasonable to assume that the tech bros generate money no matter where they work.


    World-famous software companies and cutting-edge technology have made Silicon Valley one of the world’s most popular destinations.

    It’s no secret that several well-known multinational corporations with Silicon Valley offices reward their staff handsomely.

    As originally reported https://www.sfgate.com/tech/article/highest-paying-silicon-valley-companies-17313340.php