How Can Trucks Become A More Efficient Way Of Shipping?

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There have been vast improvements in the way that goods are shipped over the past few years. Cars, trains, and plains have all seen massive efficiency gains, but trucks are still lagging. This is a huge problem, as trucks account for more than 70% of all freight shipping. In this article, we will discuss some ways that trucking companies can become more efficient and save money.


Minimize cruise speed

One of the biggest ways that trucking companies can save money is by minimizing cruise speed. Every company has different standards for what is considered cruising speed, but generally speaking, it is anything above 55 mph. By reducing cruise speed, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 15%. This might not seem like a lot, but it can add up to big savings over a year. The help of equipment tracking solutions can lead to improved productivity of your trucks. If a company has a fleet of 100 trucks, that 15% savings can add up to thousands of dollars. Think about how much that could save a company with a fleet of 1000 trucks.

Manage cruise RPM

In addition to minimizing cruise speed, it is also important to manage cruise RPM. Keeping RPM in the sweet spot can help to improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%. This means that trucking companies should focus on training their drivers on how to keep RPM at a consistent level. It is also important to invest in quality engines that are designed to run at a lower RPM. This step might not be feasible for all companies, but it is something to keep in mind. If a company is not able to invest in new engines, they should at least make sure that their existing engines are well-maintained.

Use lowest cost stations

Trucking companies should also focus on using the lowest cost stations whenever possible. This means finding stations that offer discounts for volume purchases or that are located close to major highways. By using lower-cost stations, trucking companies can save money on fuel costs. They can also save money on maintenance costs by avoiding wear and tear on their trucks. Also, using lower-cost stations can help to reduce emissions.

Take the shortest route

Another way to save money is by taking the shortest route possible. This might seem like a no-brainer, but many trucking companies make the mistake of taking longer routes to avoid traffic. Unfortunately, this often leads to more fuel consumption and higher maintenance costs. It is important to find the shortest route possible, even if it means dealing with a little bit of traffic. This can be accomplished by using GPS systems and planning.


Avoid unnecessary driving

Trucking companies should also avoid unnecessary driving. This includes things like idling the engine when the truck is not in use. Idling can consume a significant amount of fuel, so it is important to turn off the engine whenever possible. Trucking companies should also avoid driving during rush hour or other times when traffic is heavy. This can lead to higher fuel consumption and increased emissions. They should also avoid driving on side streets or in areas where there are a lot of stop signs or traffic lights. These types of roads can be more difficult to navigate and can lead to higher fuel consumption.

Avoid unnecessary items

Finally, trucking companies should avoid carrying unnecessary items. This includes things like tools that are not needed for the job or extra parts that are not necessary. By reducing the number of unnecessary items, trucking companies can save money on fuel and maintenance costs. They can also reduce emissions by shipping fewer items. Not only will this save money, but it will also be better for the environment. Think about how much less pollution there would be if all trucking companies followed these simple tips. There would be a significant decrease in the number of emissions, and it would also save companies millions of dollars. Just imagine what could be accomplished if all trucks were more efficient. It is possible to make a difference, and it starts with each company.

Monitor tire pressure

Another way to improve fuel efficiency is by monitoring tire pressure. This can be done by investing in a quality tire pressure monitoring system. By keeping tires inflated to the proper level, it can help to improve fuel efficiency by up to 15%. It can also help to reduce wear and tear on tires, which can save money on maintenance costs. In addition, properly inflated tires can help to improve handling and braking. This is important for safety, as well as for fuel efficiency.

There are many ways to make trucks more efficient. By following these tips, companies can save money on fuel and maintenance costs. They can also reduce emissions and improve safety. All of these things are important for the environment and the bottom line.