In Which Industries Are Large Bulk Storage Tanks Used? Find Out Here

storage tank
storage tank

When you think about the word “industry,” what comes to mind? Manufacturing plants, offices, distribution centers? Maybe even homes and small businesses. But what about storage tanks for large quantities of liquids or gases? Believe it or not, industries of all sizes make use of large bulk storage tanks.

storage tank

From oil refineries to food processing plants, these tanks are an essential part of many industrial operations. Storage tanks are key components in many industries. They help keep these processes running smoothly by providing a stable environment for chemical reactions that take place during processing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common industries where they’re used.

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is known for its vast amounts of natural resources. Oil refineries are large manufacturing plants that produce gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oils, asphalt, chemical feedstocks of one type or another. While their products are mainly used as fuels or heating agents, they can be found in various items like plastics and pharmaceuticals.

In order to produce these products, oil refineries rely on large bulk storage tanks. The tanks store the crude oil that is brought in from production sites. With aid of wireless tank level remote solutions, the oil is then easily refined and processed into the various products mentioned above. Without these tanks, the refinery would not be able to function properly.

Food Industry

The food industry is another area in which large bulk storage tanks are commonly used. Large quantities of liquids, such as water and various chemicals, are required for processing food products like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, or even animal feed. According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), its requirements state that no harmful levels of contaminants can be found in food after processing. So, before going to market, food products must be properly filtered and pasteurized. Apart from helping with food processing, storage tanks are used to store the finished product. This allows for a consistent product supply, which is important for food retailers.

Chemical Industry

Large bulk storage tanks are a crucial component in the chemical industry as well. The chemical industry uses storage tanks for all types of chemicals used during processing. These include acids, bases, various cleaning agents, solvents, and even oils and greases. These chemicals are often used to produce various types of products, ranging from plastics and clothing materials to food and even the ink used on paper currency. Large bulk storage tanks provide a safe environment for these chemicals until they can be put to use.

Construction Industry

The construction industry also makes use of large bulk storage tanks for all types of liquids. Whether it’s in the form of a fluid or a solid, storage tanks provide a stable environment in which construction materials can be transported and stored. For instance, when concrete is being mixed for large construction projects such as high-rise buildings, sidewalks, or bridges, a large bulk storage tank will store the wet cement so that it can be transported and then used as needed. For the construction industry, the large bulk tank is usually mobile and known as a concrete truck mixer.

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry also relies on large bulk storage tanks. These tanks store vital liquids such as water and fertilizer. Without them, the agricultural industry would not be able to function. The water is used to irrigate crops while the fertilizer is used to help them grow. The irrigation of crops is essential for their growth, and this is where large bulk storage tanks come into play. By storing large quantities of water, these tanks allow for a steady and reliable stream of water to be delivered to the crops. This is particularly important in areas where water is scarce.

Water Processing Companies

Water processing companies rely on these tanks to transport and store liquids such as chemicals, wastewater, and even sewage. What’s more, they also rely on them for solid materials like solids, sludge, and trash. The liquids and solids that are collected by the water processing company are then treated and processed so that they can be safely disposed of. Without these tanks, the water processing company would not be able to function.

These tanks store filtered and treated water so that it can be delivered to customers in a timely manner. By using large bulk storage tanks, these companies are able to reduce wait times and provide their customers with the water they need when they need it.

Numerous industries require some type of bulk storage for chemicals, oils, or other liquids. As you can see, without them these processes would not go as smoothly. A large bulk storage tank makes it possible to provide a safe environment for these products so that they can be processed without risk of contamination.