Daniel Menard, CEO of Voti Detection, A DotCom Magazine Exclusive Interview

Daniel Menard, CEO of Voti Detection
Daniel Menard, CEO of Voti Detection

Daniel Menard, CEO of Voti Detection is a thought leader, influencer, visionary, and successful entrepreneur. Daniel provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of successful business and real estate empire.

Daniel Menard joins other leading Bestselling Authors, International Speakers & entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Founders taking part in our Leader Roundtable Interview Series. The DotCom Magazine editorial team is delighted to have Daniel join us for our Leader Roundtable Interview.

Daniel Menard is a seasoned senior executive with over thirty years of business management experience. Possessing a strong ability to help build high performance, multidisciplinary teams, Menard has worked for several industry-leading organizations, including the private security firm, GardaWorld. With experience in operations, budget planning, and forecasting, Menard works alongside companies to help strategize effective and long-term growth solutions.

Let us start by telling us about your business.

I have over thirty years experience in management and I have led a wide range of multidisciplinary teams. I focus on increasing profit and aligning product offerings with customer requirements. I ultimately work alongside companies to help drive them towards growth, whether that be through market penetration or mergers and acquisitions.

Please tell us how you make sure your customers will become raving fans of your company?

I often work behind the scenes, meaning that I play a large role in the operational aspects of a business. It is my role to understand how the business runs and to make the necessary adjustments. I focus primarily on customer requirements and work diligently to understand their everyday needs.

Please tell us the one thing that separates your business from the competition?

Whatever my role, I always make sure to perform an extensive amount of market research. Having a sophisticated understanding of the competition can fuel long-term growth.

And to finish this section, Please tell us what is the one major key to your company’s success?

I value innovation and open communication. When working with any type of team it is essential that everyone’s voice be heard. Everyone plays a vital role in the success of the company, so it is crucial that all team member’s feel recognized and appreciated. Each individual has a unique skill set and talent to bring to the table.

For our readers just starting to build a company, what advice can you give entrepreneurs just starting out with a new venture?

My advice would be to have a comprehensive plan of action. That plan may change over time, but it is important to have your finances in order and to understand the level of risk you are willing and prepared to take. Never jump into anything without a strong understanding of what exactly it is you have set out to achieve. I think a common mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make is rushing into an opportunity without the proper knowledge or experience.

For entrepreneurs seeking to build a business as successful as yours, what big piece of advice can you give them when times get a little challenging?

I would have to say, embrace feedback and learn from your mistakes. The business landscape is fluid and ever-evolving. To be successful you must possess a certain amount of adaptability and be open to change no matter how much of a struggle it may seem in that moment. Always aim high and do not be discouraged by obstacles that come your way.

In today’s fast changing business environment, how do you stay abreast of things?

Throughout my years of professional experience, I have built a strong network of other industry-leading professionals who I can count on for motivation and help me bring ideas to life. I think networking with other like-minded individuals can be inspiring and give you that extra push you need to get your feet off the ground.

What is your “Why”? In one sentence, why do you get up in the morning?

Everything I do, I do for my family. I am currently taking some time off before pursuing my next business opportunity.

In one sentence, what is the most important thing one has to do to be a great leader?

Understand your faults and work diligently to improve and correct them.


In one sentence, describe how important your customers are to your business?

Customers can make or break a business, so it is crucial to have a firm grasp on what exactly they are looking for in a product or service, to better serve their needs.

In one sentence, describe a positive way that technology can make the world a better place?

Technology continues to revolutionize our daily lives, and I think in my field, the internet is a fantastic resource of information for those who may just be starting out.

In one sentence, tell us something positive to motivate our readers?

If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs.

In one sentence, tell us how you start your day to get ready?

While no day is ever the same, I do my best to maintain a sense of structure. I will typically take some time to myself and either read or meditate, which helps clear my mind and ease me into the busy day ahead.

In one sentence, describe how you handle rejection and setback?

I try my best not to dwell on things that I cannot control, I just continue to look forward while taking constructive criticism.

In one sentence, describe what your hiring philosophy is?

I work with a team, so we typically look for individuals who will thrive in a collaborative and fast-paced work environment.

In one sentence, describe how you keep your sanity in a competitive business environment?

I set reasonable expectations for myself and am constantly seeking out new challenges and professional opportunities.

Daniel Menard, thank you so much for participating in the DotCom Magazine Leader Roundtable Interview Series. We appreciate you participating in this important roundtable interview series, and helping our readers learn more about what it takes to build a great company and become a great leader. We wish you, your family, and of course your entire business, nothing but the best.