Useful Beginner Software That Can Help You Master Skills You Didn’t Have Before

The first step to mastering a skill is to get to know yourself. Are you someone who learns better by listening or by reading? Do you like to work on the same craft for an extended period, or would you instead break a big task into smaller chunks? Do you prefer to learn on your own or in a group? Pick up any book about mastering a skill, and you will find the same essential advice:

  • Identify your long-term goal.
  • Break the goal into achievable chunks.
  • Follow a learning routine that includes regular practice, feedback, and reflection.

But what if you don’t know what skills you want to master? What if you do but aren’t sure where to start? The truth is many of us are stuck in a cycle of wanting to learn something new but not knowing where to start. Some of us lack the motivation or time, while others get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options.

Finding the right learning style is the key to mastering a skill. Nevertheless, as with everything these days, there are often online options that you can use to help you to master a specific skill. We will list some of the more exciting software choices for various popular topics in demand.

Stash (Investing)

In the past, stock investing was something that only the super-rich could do. The Wall Street Journal and other financial publications were out of an average person’s price range. Luckily, today, there are many resources available for people looking to learn to invest independently. When you’re just getting started investing, there are a lot of things to know. Where do you start? What can you expect? As you can imagine, the answer to these questions depends on a lot of factors. However, the app from Stash makes it straightforward to begin your investing journey. The financial specialists state in their Stash Invest Review that it is very beginner-focused but should still allow novice investors to yield 5% each year. The Stash philosophy promotes long-term investments over a short-term view. This style is beneficial for those starting as it reduces the risk involved and enables you to see precisely how your assets are growing over the year.

Duolingo (Language)

Duolingo is an app that allows you to learn a language for free. You can choose from Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Irish, and Danish. The iOS version of the app was released in 2012, and since then, it’s been downloaded more than 30 million times. The app works with a point system, and you get points as you learn a language and answer questions correctly. The more points you get, the higher level you are. You can level up by gaining more points. You can also get bonus points if you invite your friends to use the app.

Tynker (Coding For Children)

Software engineering has long been a sought-after profession as the world becomes increasingly digitized. It can be a complex subject to learn, and unfortunately, they don’t seem to teach this skill in schools. However, this is where Tynker comes in. Tynker is an online learning platform that teaches kids how to code. It was created to give children a fun, visual way to learn how to code. To do this, Tynker provides an extensive library of games, puzzles, and courses, which kids can use to learn everything from the basics of coding to game design. With Tynker, kids can learn to code by playing Minecraft, Angry Birds, Star Wars, Frozen, and other popular games.

Simply Piano (Piano)

Who doesn’t want to learn an instrument? Apart from being advantageous for your brain, it is fun and will make you the life of any party. The piano is often seen as an unattainable instrument that you need a physical teacher for; however, Simply Piano is an app that negates this assumption. It is a revolutionary piano training system that provides a way to learn piano more efficiently and faster than ever before. Simply Piano is an online piano course that includes video tutorials, interactive piano lessons, and a unique interactive piano course for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It was developed by a team of music educators, musicians, and programmers to create a revolutionary piano training system. They combined interactive video and audio elements to create a unique online learning system. Simply piano presents players with video lessons, interactive piano lessons, and a unique interactive piano course for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The goal was to provide a way to learn piano more efficiently and faster than ever before.

Blinkist (Reading)

Blinkist is a platform that aims to condense the “great books” of the world into easily digestible 15-minute reads. Blinkist pulls from various sources, including academic journals, magazines, and even self-help books, to provide users with the knowledge of over 2000 books in just 15 minutes of reading or listening time. This is fantastic to help develop reading skills and allows you to learn how to condense complex information, enabling you to become more concise when processing ideas and thoughts.

Steezy Studio (Dancing)

We all want to dance, but the sad reality is that most of us don’t know how to dance. It is a fantastic way to exercise and let off steam and a fun way to express yourself. Steezy is an app that gives step-by-step lessons on how to lose one of your left feet and move to the beat. It is unique compared to watching a basic video. It allows you to skip sections, slow down the video until you have perfected a particular move, and even loop specific movements if you cannot master it straight away. It is a fantastic option to get started and has several plans to choose from.


No one is born an expert at any skill. Instead, we all begin at square one and learn by making mistakes. But if you’re trying to master something and are not seeing the results you want, it could be because you are repeating the same mistakes over and over again. To avoid this, you need to learn from your mistakes. You can find almost anything you need to acquire a new skill in an app these days. From learning to code to dance, there are so many options to better yourself in a long-lasting way. The only thing stopping you is yourself.