Five More Companies that Might be the Next Billion Dollar Company Announced By DotCom Magazine

As a follow up to another post we published recently, the team here at DotCom Magazine have decided to cover another five companies that we think have the potential to be the next billion-dollar companies. We have highlighted not just those that are heading towards the billion-dollar mark, we have also chosen the companies that have particularly interesting business, services and products.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds, founded by Rusty Hofmann and Owen Tripp, is a company that connects patients with the right medical and health care specialists. Employees working at companies like Jamba Juice, Comcast, Target and Costco, thanks to Grand Rounds, have access to a 30-000-strong network of recommended doctors. Throughout 2018, they wrote contracts to the sum of $40 million and has grown from a simple, shared workplace setting to its own dedicated 33,000-square-foot office space in San Francisco in just under two years.


Doordash, formed by Evan Charles, Tony Xu, Stanley Tang and Andy Fang, is a restaurant food delivery service. All the founders went to Stanford and in Silicon Valley spent around 19 months establishing their service before they entered the market, they are currently operating in. The service is now available in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Brooklyn and Boston.


Docker is an open platform used to create and run mobile applications. It was setup by Solomon Hykes and came up with a way to increase the efficiency of servers. Since then, over the course of two years it has grown, and the founder has opened this platform so that anyone could use it to create and utilize applications with so-called code containers. Although it has only made revenue of just under than $10 million, there have been 300 million downloads


Deliveroo is a restaurant food delivery service that most of you reading this will be familiar with. When Will Shu first moved from New York City to London, he was disappointed in the limited selection of food delivery choices there was available. Now though, Deliveroo, his simplistic end-to-end service for delivering food has almost 100,000 customers and its profit has increased exponentially over the course of 2018. So committed to his business, he has even been known to make some deliveries himself using his electric bike.


Datastax, founded by Matt Pfeil and Jonathon Ellis, is the company behind the renowned Apache Cassandra database that already has over 500 customers, including Netflix, Target and Safeway. While working with these customers they handle an average of 10 million transactions every second. The startup works with around 30% of what are the 100 biggest companies in the world and has also formed partnerships with Microsoft, Google and Accenture. According to the current CEO of the company Billy Bosworth, Cassandra is transforming the database layer and it feels like they have a shooting star on their hands. It’s not surprising he feels that way when you consider it has an estimated revenue run-rate from $50 million to $100 million.